Levels of Edit

1 - Proofreading

I'll look at capitalization, punctuation, spelling, grammar, use of abbreviations and acronyms, proper treatment of numbers and units of measure, and parallel wording in lists. 

This is a good choice if your document is almost finalized and you want another set of eyes to look for errors, or if you are short on time.

2 - Copyediting

I'll proofread, plus check proper formatting of references, look for consistent page formatting, margins, and headings, check that figures and tables are consistently captioned and formatted.

3 - Comprehensive Editing

This level of edit includes a proofread and copyedit, and first I'll look at the overall document to check the flow and organization. 

I will look for clear organization of paragraphs and sections, check for the proper use of headings, remove redundancy and conflicts throughout the text, improve sentence structure, check for correct tone and voice, eliminate confusing or awkward wording, correct references to figures and tables, and check math. 

I'll also ask questions of you as the author and make rewrite suggestions for you to consider. My goal is to help clarify your content for the reader. 

You will have ultimate control over the final version of your document. I will be careful to ensure that my editing does not change the message or information you intend to convey.    

Editing Rates

Please see "Levels of Edit" for a description of what each type of editing includes

Writing Rates


I prefer payment via PayPal.

I also accept certified checks and money orders.