About Me


I am an engineer with over 25 years of corporate experience writing and editing technical specifications, procedures, policies, work instructions, operating manuals, service bulletins, and training presentations.

I am skilled at editing documents so they communicate complex ideas clearly and concisely.

I am equally comfortable producing documentation for intended readers with high levels of technical expertise as for those with little or no prior knowledge of the subject matter.

I am accomplished at coordinating with subject matter experts then converting rough outlines or verbal descriptions into comprehensive documents.   

I am a native English speaker with experience working with English as a Second Language (ESL) clients, suppliers, and co-workers.   

I am a versatile, conscientious, and reliable worker.    

I take pride in meeting my goals and deadlines, to help you meet yours. 





Donna is a dedicated and reliable resource to work with. Her engineering background gives her a keen ability to quickly get up to speed on complex subject matter and turn out effective and engaging content. Donna is professional, courteous, and responsive and has a great eye for detail. We are always delighted by and impressed with her efforts.

Donna did an amazing job editing my personal statement and scholarship essays for admission to law school. Her remarkable attention to detail, keen editorial eye and thoughtful review improved my essays tremendously. Donna’s suggestions were insightful, professional and specific. I was always comfortable turning a matter over to her, knowing that it would be taken care of. I highly recommend her. 

I am very grateful that Donna has helped me with my documents. Right now I am in the job hunting track and having Donna on my side is a big plus. I would widely recommend her. I feel much safer knowing that she has checked my CV, cover letter, and other statements. 

The service I received from Donna was excellent. She worked quickly, so I didn't miss any deadlines. She is very student-friendly, giving good advice and corrections to help me organize my ideas and key points. Thanks, Donna.

She tackles tough and complex problems, makes sense out of them, follows to completion and does so in a positive way.

Donna's research, compilation, prep for review and quick turnaround is commendable. She is very thorough.

There was no question that Donna was able to complete all tasks and even took on additional tasks as needed when her customers needed something more.

Donna has the great skills of listening and analyzing a process.

Donna excels in planning and organizational skills.

Donna did a great job editing my scientific paper for class. She found mistakes I overlooked, and she helped my chances to get a good grade. Her technical knowledge helped her ask me specific questions about my material so she could help me improve my content and communicate it clearly.

Many of us can write stuff we can understand. Fewer of us can write stuff others can understand. Donna will make your stuff "write".